There are some minor obstacles at the moment that are hindering me. It has nothing to do with motivation. Just an outside “source” if you will that is making things problematic for a few characters. I will not go into detail here about it; know that it may or may not resolve.

I have experienced similar outside “source” issues when writing The Exiled Prince that completely changed the story that I had wished to tell. This sort of thing never happens when I am unhappy with a story and always seems to when I am happy with what I am writing. Go figure right!

Anyway, you will notice some changes here and there.

1. Heterochromia has been featured in the story since The Exiled Prince. However, the heterochromia is actually not canon. It is not how I see the eyes of the Goddess Tearra or the Tylo clan. When I had my characters made (before The Exiled Prince), they were all visually made with white (blinded) eyes. Though they are hardly blind they can see, but their eyes were meant to be reflective; a window to the past, present, future. This changed because in Sims 3 there were no white eyes like I envisioned and the only “unique” looking eyes offered at the time were heterochromia.

The heterochromia has actually been problematic for a long time. Though this is hardly the “source” of the ongoing issue, but something else entirely. In The Exiled Prince stuff, the Ishi and Tylo eyes were the same. The Ishi had snake eyes and the Tylo had a heterochromia version of that.

For a while now I have been unhappy with the heterchromia. It is simply not how I see the eyes of the Goddess of Tearra. I have opted to go back to the original canon eyes of white and keep them the Ishi eyes. Additionally, this only applies to people like Tationy, Sin/Miroku, Soti, etc. Mikio is the exception to both the Ishi eyes and the Tylo eyes. The Goddess Tearra wanted a son with hair the color of the mist at dawn and eyes as green as grass. Thus Mikio will have green Ishi eyes, while the remainder of his clan will have yellow.

Tationy Tylo

As we have seen in the story.

2. Seeing we are talking about things that are changing due to canon. Let’s talk about skin. So, some of you might be thinking, WTH is going on with her “sims” skins. Well let me start by saying, what you have seen in Sims 2 and 3 for The Exiled Prince, The Exiled Prince Reloaded, Aslann, and The Exiled Prince Prequel is false for several characters; Miroku, Tationy, Bak, just to name a few are not “light” skinned or “white” as people like to call them. Additionally they are not “dark” skinned or “black”. Just to make sure that no one gets the wrong idea.

Tationy Tylo Pre-TEP Story

Tationy, Bak, Miroku among others have Sato blood. The Sato clan is very olive in shading: Olive skin generally refers to light or moderate brown, brownish, or tannish skin, and it is often described as having yellowish, greenish, or golden undertones – very cool tones. Unfortunately, I started The Exiled Prince in Sims 3 and there were not a lot of options skin wise for darker skins. Additionally you had to deal with pixelization that was very bad, orange undertones that made brown skin look like a bad tan, and bad lighting which does nothing for some darker skins. I had to make concessions…unwanted concessions at that.

Now that my photoshop skills have improved I am able to fix some of these issues that hindered darker skin, so you may have noticed that a certain number of characters have had their skins adjusted. This is simply to put my characters back as I visually see them.

Bak Ishi

On a final note, I was not going to say anything about this. Lately though there has been some question regarding whether or not I have changed skins. Much of how a skin looks is due to editing, but recently for Sims 3 I have changed skins. Within the past few days. I did this to remove some of the smoothness that had been inflicting my sims for a while now. I do like the smoothness, but when dealing with the Ishi clan there should be some ruggedness. Additionally, I am working to increase their “creep-appeal”. They are called the snake clan for a reason. These are guys and gals that bring apprehension visually to the hearts of people. It has been lacking and something I am working to rectify.

Kin Ishi