The first and second born sons of the demon queen, Myia had traveled by small plane to Shimragata. It was not an ideal meeting location; surrounded by Kari and trapped on an island. Certainly he and his brother were strong, but if the might of the Kari wished to smite them down it seemed unlikely that even they would be able to stand against it.


Still, there was no reason to dwell on what if’s as Hero moved along with his brother through the island. It was beautiful; old historical buildings lining dirt walkways. A place where time ceased to exist. It reminded him of the days of old when he was a General in the Ruthlbahdo (Pronunciation: ruth-bah-do). Honestly he was a restorationist; fully willing to go back to a time before technology.

Hero did not allow his thoughts to be distracted. They were there with purpose and he was concerned that the nondescript Kari was leading them further and further into the heart of the village. “Where are you taking us?”

Their escort refused to respond and he heard the first words spoken from his brother Atsuki since they landed, “Easy brother. Just enjoy the view. Very few set foot upon these lands and leave them alive.”

“That still might be the case,” Hero retorted.

Atsuki (Pronunciation: at-sue-key) chortled, “They can try, but I refuse to die by the hands of the King of the Gods.”


“Couldn’t you have at least been a little discreet and hid your demon. Broadcasting it before Kazuma…”

“I want him to see this face. See these eyes. I want him to remember that day when I came before him as a broken creature of darkness and begged the King of the Gods to free us from this demonic burden. His refusal led to his fall. No sympathy, no mercy, only contempt do I have in my darkened heart. He will look upon it and know his sin.”

Hero groaned, “We are not here for a grudge match.”

“No, we are here because they need us and that is why we will live to see another day.”

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