Otoha and Sadoo

Corianderpunch here are my most recent pictures of Sadoo and Otoha. They were slated to make an appearance in the College Years which was to take place after the prequel, but that story was discontinued.


Sadoo and Otoha are best friends since Sadoo arrives to Aslann from America. Sadoo is 1/2 Takahashi and 1/2 Native American. He is one of the few characters in the series that is not “Aslannite”.

The two have a love of baseball and hit it off right away. Sadoo is much more outgoing and talkative, while Otoha is reserved and pensive. Otoha was one of the first bi-sexual characters in the series and his feelings for both Tationy and Sadoo where a source of conflict for him.

Sadoo always dates Tsubaki in high school and was friends with Abe until Abe and Tsubaki cheated as we see in both The Exiled Prince and the honorable mention in the Prequel.

Due to the unfortunate game and computer issues during The Exiled Prince a lot of the scenes I had planned for Sadoo and Otoha (whom both had much bigger roles), fell to the wayside. So, they are two of the guardians we learn the least about and a void is left because of that.

Aslann is broken up into three time periods; historical (Time of Tatsuya Tylo), modern (Rise of Hiko Kari), and future (The War). Sadoo and Otoha are still part of the cast, but their roles are significantly more powerful during the historical age and the beginning of the modern age.

They attended high school with Tationy, Abe, Tsubaki, Chochi, Taku, Sohma, Mai, and Pai Pai. They along with Mai, Pai Pai, Tsubaki, and Abe were all part of Tationy’s friendship circle at the time. They graduate and head off to Aslann university which is ultimately where they are separated from Tationy who becomes involved with Hiko.


These are actually two characters, I never see as getting involved with other people. Sadoo developed trust issues after Abe and Tsubaki cheated. That hindered any relationship he had tried to have. Otoha and his lingering feelings for Sadoo and Tationy would feel it is disrespectful to both to look at another while his heart is still holding out hope. These two reasons are what lead to the closer bond between Sadoo and Otoha; near inseparable. This results in a lot of speculation from family and friends regarding their relationship in the modern age despite it being platonic.


The historical age is a crazy and wild ride, but we really only see the guardians as it pertains to Tatsuya Tylo and not Tationy Tylo. So, what we see in The Exiled Prince is quite different from how the canon story actually goes.

Otoha remains fiercely loyal to Tatsuya during the war and never questions his orders until the very end when he realizes that his prince is plotting behind the scenes. His refusal to further aide the Prince of Aslann results in him being killed in the canon story by Sadoo.

However, while he was alive he was often working behind the scenes performing assassinations for his prince including that of the Kari messenger, Kyo.


Sadoo was the only guardian loyal to the Prince of Aslann until the very end. As a former general, he understood to protect the nation that sacrifices had to be made even if that meant going against the Emperor and the other guardians. I consider him a loyalist to the Crown of the Prince while other guardians were loyal only to the currently seated ruler. He sacrifices his own life to protect the Prince of Aslann’s escape with the Ishi standing against Abe Sosa.