The Ishi Clan

There is a large number of Ishi, due to it being the biggest clan in all of Aslann. However, there is only a very small percentage of Ishi I actually deal with in the canon regularly. Here is a brief introduction.


The main cast includes both Tationy Tylo and Kuro Ishi. Tationy is Ishi despite having the Tylo last name. Her history is quite complicated, but to sum it up: Tearra and Rin had twin sons, Soti and Mikio. Soti had a son named Miroku, Miroku a son named Tatsuya. Tatsuya (whom was biologically female) had Osa Shima with Seiji Shima. This is the start of Tationy’s family line. Soti Tylo dies and is reincarnated many times. Eventually, prior to the modern age he has a son once again named Miroku who marries the Yamada woman Chilè and from that union came Tationy.

Generally due to the complicated nature of her origins, I skip over most of it and just say she is the granddaughter of Soti and the niece of Mikio. Which is true, but there are millions of years separating them.

Kuro is the first born son of Rin. Born from a union Rin had with a Hamara woman. Technically as a mortal he is even older than his own father. Seeing Rin, was still in the heavens when Kuro was born.

While in the canon it has not happened yet, Kuro and Tationy do have a son together named Enzo. Despite having never been seen before he has actually been apart of two of the AU stories; first he was born in The Exiled Prince and second he was to appear in a story called 162 years later that was to take place after the Prequel series of stories. Eventually, he will make his appearance in the canon story.

Enzo is not the only grandchild of Rin to appear in the canon story. There are actually several.


Kin Ishi has two children with a member of the Wong clan. The charismatic and friendly Oro and his twin sister Nene. These two characters, far more than Kin have been instrumental in the series since The Exiled Prince AU. Oro, during historical days was a Commander of the Aslann military and his sister Nene is the only female Ishi seen in the series, other than Tationy herself.

Nene was always important, as we see in the Demon’s of the Nakamaru muse because she becomes the host body for the Demon Queen Myia while Oro was most noted for his military knowledge and his friendship with Tationy.


The reason their roles tend to outshine that of their father is due to Kin being heavily involved in researching a cure for the Ishi Disease, Imitso Encephalopathy which often results in him being a character often mentioned, but rarely seen.


Another grandchild of Rin is the son of Bak Ishi, Togore. Again this is a case of the son outshining the father. Togore is actually far more powerful and is one of the main Ishi that protected the Emperor during historical days. He was, during his time, the most powerful chalta (magic user) that was not directly born of Rin. The two most powerful being Nao and Mikio.


Let’s not forget the Sons of Rin themselves. Rin had hundreds of children that are always about Mount Celiabai and active in the war, but the only sons of the God Rin we actually see are of course; Mikio, Bak, Kin, Kuro, and Nao.

Mikio is always listed as the most powerful of the Ishi; not just in strength, but in intellect as well. Bak is a pretty powerful chalta in his own right, but among the three most powerful; Mikio, Nao, and Togore-Bak is like a child learning to use his abilities. Kin is fairly intelligent, his specialties tend to be related to his knowledge in medicine. Kuro is actually the most well-rounded of the Sons of Rin. Trained in many things and yet a master in none. Though this is more about introducing Nao, instead of characters you have had the opportunity to meet in the canon already.


Nao has played a huge role within the series AU for The Exiled Prince. He apprenticed under Abe Sosa during historical days in the art of torture. A brilliant mind and powerful chalta (magic user), second only to his older brother Mikio. Everything he knows about anything he was taught by Kuro. So, it is not surprising that the two have a very close bond and that Kuro had chosen Nao to be his Second in Command.


Well, before I end this. We cannot really talk about the Ishi without saying a few words about Rin. We have seen a little bit of him in the AU The Exiled Prince as well as some Muses. He makes a “minor” appearance in The Exiled Prince Reloaded by mostly name and we do also see him in the Aslann story.

With him currently “trapped” in the body of his son Mikio, one would think that anything related to Rin starts and ends with his son. However, that is not the case. This is the only spoiler I will give, but Rin is big and bold in his own right and nothing and no one will keep him down for long. What that means, you will just have to wait and see.