Tationy and Kuro

They completely do this without Karaoke.

Shooting hoops – Kuro’s favorite pastime. Tationy gets an A for effort and tagging along.

Making a Wish – She completely Got All Giddy.

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Thacian City

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Geek Con

Playing Chess – She always cheats.

Why don’t you play with Mikio or Nao? They like these intellectual games.

Over a hundred countries recognize chess as a sport.

Sports have friendly competition. This is … well simply a game.

What are you saying?

*Ponders His Move* Doesn’t this get repetitive after a while? There are only so many moves you can actually make. Eventually, you are going to get to know your opponent. Unlike competitive sports where anything can happen….

*Quickly Points* Look at your son, he is so silly.

What is he doing? *Turns to Look* Tationy, our son is…seriously are you cheating?

I have no idea what you are talking about.

*SIGH* Apparently friendly does not apply to chess.

Working Hard

Tationy and Kuro

Pregnancy Moments

3rd Trimester Doesn’t Even Stop Them

Enzo at the Spicy Curry Eating Competition