Author Note: Well, I want to start out by addressing a few things in this muse. So, please bear with me. Ameya was actually meant to have quite an intricate role within the Reality canon and several of the muses. There were specific scenes designed for her to initiate. I need to stress that these scenes simply will not be the same without Ameya being the one to start them; so it is with a very heavy heart I write this author’s note.

I have been waiting for Fyachii, the owner and creator of Ameya, to actively return and thought I would have the opportunity to speak with her after the first of November about some things I want to do with Ameya. Unfortunately, she is without internet for an indeterminate amount of time.

Due to this, I have to put a hold on any scenes that involve Ameya for the Reality canon as well as muses. That does include the ongoing portions of the story revolving around BakXAmeyaXSin. I had so many scenes planned and this is certainly one of those unpredictable things about writing; sometimes everything changes. With that said, Sin and Ameya both are currently going on ‘hiatus’ in this muse.

This was actually not how this muse was meant to go, but I have had to change things up until I am able to speak with Fyachii regarding my plans for Ameya. There are certain things I do not wish to do with her character until I have gone over them with her which ultimately puts her portion of the story at a bit of a standstill due to her internet issues.

Ameya will certainly still be mentioned; her story is attached as much to Sin as it is to Bak. Ameya is the roommate of Mao; they are friends and her disappearance was meant to strengthen their friendship and bring conflict to both characters as they struggle with the reality of what is transpiring, the paths they must choose to walk, and the people around them. Additionally, Bak also has a connection with Ameya and his own struggles regarding the judgment call he made in heat of the moment. We will see these aspects of the story, certainly. Unfortunately, we will not see Ameya’s until I am able to speak with Fyachii.

My deep respect for the creators of any characters I have keeps me from pushing forward when the creator is unavailable to consult with on bigger more “life-affirming and impacting” story dynamics.

With all of that said, I want to add in here before I let you read this muse that this takes place a week after Chapter 2. You are getting it early, which was not my intention. I had planned on posting 4 muses and chapter 2 all together, but due to having to change things up you get the first muse and the second muse for SinXAmeya before the chapter and the other connecting muses.


Hero Takahashi, Atsuki Nakamaru, and Sin


Hero Takahashi had been gone a week from his home in Thacian City. The events at Shimragata had gone as expected; Atsuki and Somè tap danced around old wounds that never quite healed while Hero quietly contemplated how the week would go. Not to mention how many Kari he could kill before he was taken out.

Despite being a restorationist and agreeing with much of what Somè had spoken upon, there was some comfort brought to Hero at the sound of the soft familiar melody. He was home or at least that was his initial feeling. It hardly lasted long when he realized not only had Sin departed the safe haven of his estate, but had brought someone back with him.

He had barely a moment to drop his bag and lean against. While he watched Sin play he tried to take it all in. Truth be told, Hero was never one to hold back his thoughts. So, he finally managed to speak, “I warned you about leaving. Have you nothing to say?”

“No one saw me.”

“When I told you to remain, I did not just mean physically. One does not need a body to be seen and felt. Any chalta within the area could have sensed your presence.”


Sin’s fingers had never stopped playing. However, Hero could tell a lot about his emotional state by how he handled each key. “I could not let things fall where they may,” Sin stated simply.

“That foolish girl; the past, the present, the future. Don’t you get tired of seeking her out and having her choose another? How many times have you manipulated her path for your own benefit? How many times have you ruined her happiness?”

“Those futures were not right for her. With time she can come to see…”

Hero cut him off, “That girl will never see you. Her eyes are clouded by childish whims and fairy tale romances. Millions of years ago when you stood as the Emperor of Aslann she allowed another man between her legs because you turned out to be more monster than man.”

“That never should have happened; Sadamitsu was my friend and advisor. He crossed a line; one that cannot be forgiven.”

“So, I have noticed. I have said nothing as you have killed his reincarnates. However, I cannot stand by and watch you do this.”

“Is this the path you wish to walk Hero?”

“Don’t put this on me, I told you not to do something I would regret.”


Hero was irritated. One simple thing that was all he asked and Sin had to complicate matters. His very existence put the Nakamaru in danger; all it took was for one chalta to sense him and there would be nothing to prevent Somè Kari from taking penance for the sin of Myia.

Not surprising, no further words came from Sin. In this, there was no budging for him. Hero, however, was not offered the same luxury of being blissfully irresponsible. “I cannot allow this. Eventually, people will come looking for that girl. You need to deal with this.”

“I will not kill her. Nor will I let her go,” Sin stated.

“Then you will force my hand and once you do that not even those eyes will save you,” Hero responded as he exited his home.


He did not wander very far; nor had he gotten too deeply in his thoughts. “It would seem that the Kari are not the only troublesome problem we face,” Atsuki stated.

“Why are you still here?”

“These glorious moments of conflict only happen so often within the Nakamaru. It is rare for a demon to act against the queen even a half-breed. I wanted to see how it plays out. He intends to run with her…”

“I know.”

“Is that how it is? Are you going to just let him walk away without ripping her beating heart out of her chest and making him watch you eat it?”

“Don’t be in such a rush Atsuki; Sin only made such a bold move because Myia was gone. Never would he have crossed the line otherwise. He expects me to protect him and that girl, but I have no use for his Meinome. It took a great deal of manipulation to get her to spread her legs for that Anami. It will take nothing to do it again; simple human minds like hers…”

Atsuki chortled, “Allow me to play with her? It has been a while since I have taken a concubine. She will breed many half-demons until her body is of no use to the Nakamaru. Unless of course, you have another plan for her.”

“He is a pup whose only protection comes form of those eyes. They are not fallible and will not keep danger from their doorstep. No matter where they run. For now, he and that girl can make the journey he wishes.”

“Many a lifetime you have spent protecting him. Each reincarnate you sought him out, it seems unlikely you will let it end like this.” Atsuki paused a single moment and then without warning laughed, “I see. This has never been about protecting him. Has it?”


There was a subtle intake of breath before he offered a response, “Myia cannot be allowed to do as she pleases. If you and I are to rule; the dragons head must be severed. No, I never had any intention on keeping him safe. I was simply biding my time. Waiting for him to seek out his beloved. Neither can exist without the other. It is the stuff of old fairy tales and myths. Those romantic notions that girl loves so much and that he is banking upon. Hope is such a feeble human emotion.”

“Letting them roam free seems a foolish way to go about this. What if someone sees him?”

He felt the corner of his lips curve up into a haunting smile, “Trust me, brother. They will not get that far. I am simply giving them a reason to flee.” With a pause he took a step forward, “Sin sees himself as the future demon king. The usurper is all he is. No,” He said flatly, “That monstrosity bred by Myia was just a means for her to retain her diminishing power. The demons will play and when they are caught. The woman’s body will be defiled. She will be used and broken before her king and he….we are going to share in a meal brother. An eye for each of us.”

“I am liking where this is going.”

There was a moment of charged electricity around the two brothers. “It is time we stop hiding in the shadows of our mother and bring forth a new age of demons.”

With an amused laugh Atsuki responded, “Be careful baby brother, your demon is starting to show.” While he knew that Atsuki was speaking figuratively. Hero could not help, but be acutely aware of the path he was leading himself down. Once he took that step and brought harm to Sin, there would be no turning back. Myia’s wraith would be fierce.