Author note: This muse can be taken out of context without some backstory especially if you have not read The Exiled Prince or talked to me at great lengths about the Prince of Aslann. Here are important things to keep in mind while reading this muse:

  • The Prince of Aslann is Tatsuya Tylo and generally is referred to as he. However, he is a ‘she’ physically and a he mentally. During historical days (unlike our modern era) there was no surgical way to match the brain and the body other than through the use of very old and forbidden magic.
  • The Prince is always about protecting his nation. He will go to great lengths to do this even standing against his father Emperor Miroku. To ensure that his nation survives he uses his Tylo eyes to search through the past, present, and future for a means to protect the nation. There were very specific events that needed to transpire for that to happen and that included the resurrection of the Goddess Tearra.
  • To resurrect Tearra, Tatsuya had to sacrifice his body in two ways. First, he uses his female body and has sex with Seiji Shima thus resulting in a child. This child was a direct decedent of Tationy. The next thing he needed was the blood of the Goddess Tearra and he got that in the form of Mikio. Among other conditions, once these conditions were met, the Prince had most of his consciousness put into the body of Agito Tylo.
  • His body, was left with a sliver of consciousness which was used to keep the body alive because it was with child and to summon Tearra’s soul back in time and bind it within the body of the Prince of Aslann.
  • However, the Prince of Aslann left out several very important details when he enlisted the Ishi to assist. The first, was that Tearra actually no longer existed that her soul is overpowered by Tationy’s who is her reincarnate and the other thing he failed to mention was that the version of Tationy he located was only six years old.
  • Had the Ishi know this, they would never have allowed what was to transpire to happen. Tationy at six, did not engage in any adult interactions. The child mentioned in this chapter is carried by the body of the Prince of Aslann and was a result of the female body of the Prince engaging in a sexual relationship with Seiji Shima prior to Tationy’s conciseness being transferred into the body of the Prince of Aslann.


That morning Kuro had watched the departure of the Prince of Aslann in his newly acquired body. No longer would he succeed his father for the position of Emperor. Tatsuya would be nothing more than a lesser Tylo known as Agito. All of it he had done to save the great nation of Aslann; every sacrifice was a simple means to an end. No matter the cost.

The Ishi had paid their own price. An oath to the Prince of Aslann bound with their own blood. Any clan would have refused, but Tatsuya Tylo had offered them the only thing of value he could use to sway the Ishi; the resurrection of the Queen of the Gods. It was too great a reward to pass upon.

The risks had been many. Between fighting in the war and making preparations there had been uncertainty for years. Only after the Prince of Aslann had awoken did the reward seem to be within their grasp. Still, they were waiting.


Days and weeks had gone by and the body of the Prince of Aslann which was to be the vessel of the resurrected queen laid there motionless. No hope. Many Ishi had departed the estate of the Elder Jin with despair in their hearts. Only Kuro and his younger brother Mikio remained within the halls taking turns protecting the heart of the Ishi.

Kuro could not speak for his brother, but what troubled him more than anything was the fact that Rin had not returned. Even when messages were sent to their father informing him that the queen would be resurrected. Nothing, not even a hint that he cared one way or another. It concerned Kuro.

He sighed. The book he had been reading was a mere distraction for his thoughts and even it was not quieting the racing of his mind. That was about the point that his eyes shifted to the hand of the vessel as it moved slightly. It was the first real sign that the queen might open her new eyes and look upon the world lost to her several hundred years before.


Only for a moment did his eyes remain fixed on her. It could be several more days, weeks, or perhaps even months before she would awake. It was really a waiting game at this point and lucky for Kuro he had an abundance of patience.


As the hours ticked by the movement of her body increased accompanied by soft little licks of her lips and the word, “Shesho.” He was confused by her use of the Yamada word for grandmother. “Shesho,” She said it again, but this time a bit louder.

“Your grandmother is not here,” Kuro finally stated though he could not hide his own confusion.


Her eyes finally opened, then closed. Repeating the process several times before she was able to keep them open to look upon him. There was a soft audible sound that escaped her lips, “I know you.”

Kuro felt his mouth quirk slightly in what most would describe as one part sneer and another part smile, “Oh, who am I?”

There was a moment when her eyes closed and he thought that her weakened state would result in her losing consciousness, but just as quickly as the thought was there it was gone. Those silver eyes staring upon his face as she practically whispered, “Kuro of the Ishi.”


“You should not try to move,” He stated as she began to lift herself.

“Why is my body so heavy? Am I sick?”

Kuro frowned, “Sick, nothing of the sort. I don’t know all of the specifics, but Nao said you might feel a little disoriented and weakened upon awaking. It is best if you…”


His words cut off suddenly when she adjusted her body, hung her legs over the side of the bed, and tried to quickly set up. Much too quickly from the look of the way she brought her hand to her face. “My head feels weird. Like that time Anjou gave me a drink from shesho’s special cider.” Kuro snorted which elicited a pout from her lips, “Are you laughing at me?”

“It was a little funny.”

“Where is my grandmother?” She asked as she pulled her hand away from her face. Kuro noticed how her body stilled and her hand rose again. He thought for certain she had moved much too quickly and the room was spinning again, but instead she stared at her hand. It was probably safe to assume that was the moment that she realized her body was different.


Her next action caught him off guard. She was up quickly and he had barely a moment to drop his book and reach out for her before the two came tumbling to the floor. With a sigh he said, “I told you that you should not be moving around. Had I not been here you would have hurt yourself and the baby.”

“Baby…” She repeated the word as she stared at his face.

Kuro had been around those eyes long enough to know exactly what was happening. She was peeling back the layers of time; peeking at the past, the present, the future to learn what was going on. However, there was something in the way she looked at him that stilled his body. It was clear, she read his future.


“Your….” She began to speak.

“Don’t read my future baby snake.”


Kuro noticed how her eyes widened a bit. It was clear that whatever she saw had an effect because he had noticed an increase in the tempo of her heartbeat. Labored breath brushing lightly along his face as her lips parted. Baby fangs peaking out, it was not exactly fear in her eyes. Something else; some form of trepidation that overtook her entire body quite aggressively.

“I can’t breathe,” She barely managed to speak the words.

Admittedly he thought perhaps he was leaning upon her a bit too much as he forced himself to pull away. When he turned to offer his hand to help her up, she was crouched and trying desperately to control her breath.


“I don’t understand,” Her pained voice took him by surprise. There were no tears, just a heavy gasping of breath and poorly strung together words of confusion. Which matched his own.

“You said you know me. Spoke my name,” Kuro began as he knelt down by her. “If that is the case, then why is there so much fear in you right now?”

At first she offered no response. With a noticeable sigh he reached out his hand and rested it to her head. She tensed and did not relax even as she spoke the words, “Am I dreaming? I can’t tell.”

“This is real. I am real,” He tried to comfort. “Tearra….”

She interrupted him, “My name’s Tationy.”

Kuro felt a knot form as he looked upon the vessel before him. So many questions came rushing to his mind. Had the Prince of Aslann tricked them? Even though he wanted to rush and get Mikio calming the young woman before him seemed far more pressing. “Tationy,” He said her name which unexpectedly relaxed her body. “What is the last thing you remember?”

“My shesho.”

“Oh, what was she doing?”

“There was going to be a party,” She said in a lighter tone. “I couldn’t attend though. Not old enough.”

Not old enough? “How old are you?”

“Six,” She whispered. Kuro was angered; what damage had the Prince of Aslann caused? This was not what they gave their blood for. A child forced within the pregnant vessel of the Prince and all of the dangers that came with that. No, this body was meant to bring forth the reincarnate of Tearra. What sin had they committed? Kuro hung his head and realized why it was that Rin had not come when called.