Heisuke “Hei” Takahashi and Nene (Myia Nakamaru) Ishi

We see our first look at the Demon Queen, Myia Nakamaru in the body of Nene Ishi in the muse called Demons Among Us. At this point there are no muses planned for Myia’s journey and the reason for that is because she is a character that is all about surviving. When there is a possibility of death, she finds a way to avoid it. Seeing I have no intention on dealing with these two in muses, I wanted to give a bit of insight into who they are. So, welcome to the character gallery for Heisuke and Nene.


These two have a long history together, but not in the way you might think. Heisuke has been a demon hunter for centuries and hunting the Nakamaru is just one of many journey’s he has taken in freeing the world of the unsavory.

During his adventuring he and Myia have crossed paths several times and she very much enjoys playing with her food. Heisuke is one of the few hunters that has survived her attacks; whether this is because he is that good or she is truly just having her way with him is anyone’s guess. Maybe there is a clue in what I am about to post or maybe it will just bring more questions. Who knows.


Myia very rarely has taken a human form. Choosing Nene was very specific. She went as far as befriend the girl to learn every single thing about her before she absconded with her body. Not only does she have access to her demon powers she also has access to Nene’s Ishi blood which gives her high speed regeneration making her one of the few characters that is currently very difficult to kill. Can she be killed? Of course she can, but it will take a true scholar with knowledge of demons not to mention knowledge of the Ishi clan to find a way.ts3w-2016-11-22-16-21-20-75

Some of you may have put two and two together and others might not have even realized that Heisuke shares the same last name with Myia’s son, Hero Takahashi. This should bring up a lot of questions about whether or not Heisuke is a demon or a half-breed himself. Is he? Maybe, maybe not. Mahahahaha!

In all seriousness, no Heisuke is not a demon or a half-breed. However, he has been tainted by demon blood. Heisuke and his sister were adopted when he was seven by a demon Takahashi couple. Weekly rituals that involved blood draining to feed the demon family, plagued the children with much suffering and eventually the death of his younger sister.

The young man with grit and fire knew that the same fate would befall him if he did not escape and he constantly searched for that single opportunity. One day, the demon queen paid a visit to the homestead and for some reason unknown to him she gave him that opportunity. As Heisuke aged, he suspected this had more to do with her loving the hunt and the taste of fear in blood before she drained them, but the true answer has always eluded Heisuke.

With his freedom came many perils as he lived on the street which just made him easy prey for demons. One night he almost became their food, but was saved by a demon hunter that ultimately would take him in and train him.

Not much is known about his life as a hunter. He kept to himself, did have a child with a Hamara woman at one point that he is fiercely protective of despite the distance between them.

Making the hard decisions comes easy for him. He has a soft spot for children in danger; that does not mean he will become lax. If that child is infected or tainted in any way he will in fact strike without hesitation. A demon is a demon and sometimes you have to become a monster yourself to protect those around you.


So, you might be wondering why such a powerful demon and hunter are hidden in the background. The truth is, during the war Myia purposely chose to remain as far away from Aslann to protect herself. Additionally, Heisuke had branched away from his homeland because it had seemed that the population of demons had been squashed. The truth is far scarier for both of them.