Taro Anami

  1. Taro and Kuro dated briefly, but ultimately the relationship did not work out due to Kuro still having feelings for Tationy. They remained friends.
  2. During historical days, Taro was a Priest of the Anami (which at that time was not a clan, but a religious order).
  3. Taro is the only character within the series that has green eyes which has special significance among a currently “unnamed” clan. Completely a secret. ^_^
  4. During his college days he ran his own “you tube” channel where he talked about everything and anything; from growing up homosexual within the Anami clan to his endless battle with anxiety and depression.
  5. Imari and Morri Zenaku are his cousins.

Additional Note

Taro as seen in The Exiled Prince

Taro appeared in The Exiled Prince as Sadamitsu Anami though he existed as Taro long before the name Sadamitsu Anami even came into play. Originally his name was just Taro and eventually Taro of the Anami because the Anami were a religious order and not a clan. He was part Zenaku and part Anami and despite his purple eyes in The Exiled Prince story he was one of the only characters to have green eyes.

His green eyes however have nothing to do with him being Zenaku or Anami. That particular eye color is special among the mortals of the world. It was originally found in the Yitei clan (which predates the Prince of Aslann). The Yitei were said to be able to walk the line between heaven and earth and that those  with green eyes had been touched by one of the gods.

Toward the end of The Exiled Prince, Taro/Sadamitsu like many characters got a total revamp. This was due to the situation with other characters where darker skin looked pixelated and I simply did not have the skill or talent to make it look better. This version of him was used at the very end of TEP as well as in TEPR and the Prequel, but if we are being honest I always hated this version.