Most of you that fallow me over at tumblr are aware of my computer issues. For those not in the know, my computer had an unfortunate fan accident and it is currently sitting on the floor. I have limited means to access the internet. So, what you get from me will be odd and end things here and there.

TEP: Reality is not on hiatus, it is just on hold until I get my computer back. I will be taking it in on the 23rd of this month and it may be a couple of weeks later that I get it back, but that is the plan as it stands right now.

However, seeing we are on the topic of hiatus. As many of you know I am using a character called Ameya Sou created by Fyachii in my TEP: Reality story. Ameya has appeared in the Prequel as well as the Reloaded story. Recently I noticed that her tumblr has been marked with an indefinite hiatus message. I have not heard from her her since November 17, 2016.

At one point she had given me permission to kill off Ameya if I needed it. However, I still do not know what if anything else I have permission to do. Using another person’s character in a story is hard when they are not active especially seeing that regardless of how well you plot things could change. Which means sometimes you have to actively seek them out to find out if this situation or that one would be okay.


Unlike how collaborating works over at tumblr, when I work with other writers or work with the characters of others I like to know exactly what I can or cannot do with that character. How would you feel if your character lost his or her limbs? How would you feel if he or she was raped? While some writers say, I am up for anything, once their characters are put into certain situations that is the point that they become triggered. It is not before when you are talking about it, it is during.

This unfortunately, in my long experience of collaborating with other people has led to issues. So, when working with the characters of other people I like to first ensure that they are active, so if I have any questions I can ask and the writing process is not held up. Secondly, if for some reason they leave the collaboration or disappear from the community I know what I can and cannot do with their character.

As I said she gave me permission to kill her off if I needed it, but using her indefinitely, changing her, maiming her, violating her, or other such things that may make the creator unhappy I am currently at a standstill. Without Fyachii saying this is the big long list of things I do not want you to do with my character, I do not feel comfortable.

Ameya and Sin’s story has been plotted out and I know how it is to end, but the path to that conclusion can lead to many different directions and without knowing whether or not I am even going to be able to reach Fyachii with questions, I have decided that the burden is simply too much to bear.


Before my computer died I began working on the next muse with Ameya and Sin. Unfortunately, that was about the point I noticed the indefinite hiatus message and she had not responded to the fluff messages I had sent over at tumblr. So, I really have no idea what her status is. Will she be back? No idea. Is she gone for good? No idea? I honestly really have no clue and due to this, I pushed the Sin and Ameya muse I was working on off and then off some more as I waited for some sign that she might just be on one of her monthly breaks.

It is now just over a month since we last spoke I feel as though in the long run I need active collaborators. By that, I mean if I currently have your sim and you are not active in the Sim community or if I do not actively have a means to correspond with you, I will not be using your sim. This goes to a number of people that have given me their sims. If I have questions or concerns, I need to know that I have a means to talk with you about them or I need a detailed list of what I can and cannot do so I do not feel as though I am stuck in place.

So, my point after this message is. Sin and Ameya are going on indefinite hiatus. At this point, I have no intention on writing further muses with either of them. Their names will still be mentioned until I can deal with their final scene. At this point though after a month of stagnation with their story, I am feeling very meh about even doing anything further with them at all.

Will this change? Honestly I do not know. Fyachii would either have to send me a detailed list of what would be allowed and not allowed from changing how she looks to doing bodily harm. Additionally, I would need to know that it is alright to continue to use her while she is inactive. At the moment, having such a limited knowledge of what I can and cannot do with her, gives me an uneasy feeling that I do not like.


There is a story. I used to run writing groups ages ago back in the olden days and one of the rules was if you left the story and did not tell me what you wanted done to your characters, they would be used by the GM and Moderator until such a time they could be safety written out. People were required to list everything they did not want to be involved in, so their partners were aware beforehand and no conflicts over “I do not want my character involved in this or that” would arise.

Anyway, this one guy left the group and he had this teacher character that was actually in the middle of teaching a class when he dropped off the face of the earth. He did not say what he wanted done to his character so the moderator took him over temporarily until he could be safety written out or killed off.

The guy a year later came back and freaked out because his character was being used while he was gone even though he just dropped the story in the middle of it and left all of his writing partners hanging. I take a lot of issues with this which is why I ask that anyone I collaborate with at least be around to consult and if you cannot be (which does happen) send me a message saying please no longer use my character or feel free to do whatever you want with my character even change him or her, but do not do these things here. Leave me with something.

While I appreciate greatly that I was given permission to kill her off, there is a lot of writing between now and that point and unfortunately in all of that writing there are points where I need to know what I can and cannot do. Without this knowledge I simply do not feel comfortable continuing to use a character that is not mine.


So, again with that said Ameya and Sin are on indefinite hiatus until I can write them out. It is with a heavy heart because Ameya is the catalyst for a lot of events and I am having to rework scenes. While I am masking a good share of my emotions on this matter, I can say that I have been honored to use Ameya for three of my five stories in The Exiled Prince universe. Wherever you have gone and whatever you are doing, I hope it brings you great happiness and eases whatever has troubled you.

Now with that said, for those whose characters I have. If you have not told me what to do with your characters when or if you decided to depart the community, our company, or other such things I would appreciate it if you do so.