Tationy Tylo and Morri Zenaku

Morri is the younger half-brother of Imari Zenaku. He and Tationy begin “dating” a couple of years before she returns to the side of Kuro Ishi. The relationship is never considered serious by either of them though it was not uncommon for them to appear on the arm of the other for social events.

Additionally, Morri is one of a handful of characters in the series that has blue eyes. This indicates that he is from the Shima clan. Unlike his sister whose eyes are a dulled grayish brown. Due to his connection with the Shima it is important to note that he and Tationy are distantly related by millions of years. Both are descended from Osa Shima the son of Prince Tatsuya (who was born female and mentally male) and the benevolent Seiji Shima.

Morri’s father is Tafari who is the first patriarch of the Zenaku clan which had been dominated since the clans formation by matriarchs. This is interesting to note because the Yamada started out with a patriarch and then became dominated by matriarchs which shows one of many contrasting qualities between the Yamada and the Zenaku clans.


A random fun fact for you; Tationy’s hair was originally quite long. In all stories prior to The Exiled Prince it hung down past her bottom. She received her first hair cut when I began working on The Exiled Prince series. I actually always picture her with extremely long hair, but game limitations do not offer much in that regard so I have kept her hair trimmed up.