Kat’s thoughts were distracted. She had been standing in the kitchen of Bak’s home staring at his coffeemaker. There had been a moment where she had tried to make a pot, but failed to find the filters. Not to mention figure out how to activate it.

It was a top of the line new model; those high tech voice activated ones she had laughed about when Ameya said how cool it would be to have the coffeepot say hello to you in the morning. Kat had simply grumbled and said she was not a morning person. Now, she sort of missed the way Ameya flitted and floated like some sort of magical fairy of happiness.

What she needed to do was stop procrastinating and focus her thoughts. Her mother had to be worried if the nonstop ringing of her cellphone was any indication. She was going to be so upset that Kat had failed to call her back. Then, start crying because she had been desperately worried. Her father would simply yell and then give her the silent treatment because that was always how he showed he cared.

Then there was Ameya. It had been difficult fighting back the turbulent emotions that were threatening to sweep her away. Did she survive? Was she alright? Kat had not noticed Ameya’s number come up once on her caller id. She had tried to text and call, but received no response. Maybe she was hurt and in the hospital. Every part of her said move; leave and find the answers, but then she would look over at the man that saved her and she felt paralyzed.


It probably would have been a wise decision, at least that is what she thought when she heard the door close. Her attention drew toward the perpetrator. His eyes fixed squarely upon her. She had seen angry men before, but Kat felt certain that this man’s intent was not the sort that would keep her safe.

Taking a step back her body stilled when his voice boomed to her very core, “I thought your tits would be bigger when I heard he saved some woman. You must spread your legs real nice.”

She felt a burning in the pit of her stomach as her features gnarled, “How dare you.” What type of man was he to walk into another person’s home and say something so rude and callous. Had she taken a moment to consider it she might have noticed that the stranger and Bak bore a striking resemblance to each other.

Kat was far too angry to care though as her jaw clenched, her hand rested to her hip, and she opened her mouth to tell the man to leave. Not that she had the power to do that, but be damned if she was going to stay around someone who spoke so vulgarly to her. That was about the point she noticed him moving toward Bak, “How easy it would be to kill you.”

Her heart started pounding. At first she thought he might be speaking to her, but the way he reached out his hand toward the sleeping Bak caused her panic and she rushed forward without thinking of the possible consequences.


“Leave him alone,” She shouted as she futility tried to prevent the man from touching Bak.

There was no opportunity to do anything. Swiftly he had turned; her arms were securely locked in his grip and her body pressed slightly into his. “What do you really think you are going to do?”

“I…” She stumbled over the words. The panic was evident in the heaviness of her breath, “Don’t hurt him. It is wrong to attack someone that cannot protect themselves.”

“What are you talking about? That is the best time strike,” He said while giving her a push with his hands which resulted in Kat falling to the floor.


For a moment she sat upon her pained bottom, having landed on her tailbone rather hard. It would take her a few moments of fighting back a single tear before she could muster the strength to maneuver to her knees. By the time she did, the realization he was standing close froze her.

“Haven’t you caused enough trouble?” He asked the question though she hardly had an answer. Was this about Bak protecting her? Was this man upset with her also? There were so many questions, but not a single moment to ask them. “Be a good girl and stay put. I am not above killing my own father; killing you will be like taking a piss.”


“Father,” Kat repeated the word. At first she had been hung up on the fact that he said he would kill her, but then her mind fixated on the remainder of his words. “Are you Bak’s son?”

Her eyes focused on the man that saved her, sleeping. Blissfully ignorant to what was transpiring around him. “I doubt he will appreciate you calling me that, but yes.”

Tentatively she asked, “Are you here to help him or…” She practically choked on the words that followed, “Kill him.”

“The Elder of the Ishi has requested I tend to him.” The young man stated as he pensively added, “What I need to do will take several hours. Stay out of my way. If you leave this house, I will know it. So, I suggest you make yourself comfortable.”


Comfortable he said. There was no way that was possible. Watching him lift Bak over his shoulder and disappear down the hallway, Kat was left with the perfect opportunity to make an escape if she wanted. Deep down she knew that if she took a step toward freedom, the son of Bak would kill her.

Normally, I will kill you was just something people said when they were really angry. This was different. The coldness behind his words and the way he articulated them told Kat that she needed a life-preserver just to stay afloat, but it didn’t feel like there was anyone willing or able to throw her one. Not to mention, she still hadn’t called her mother.

With a sigh she cursed softly under her breath, “What a foul mouth you have.” She noticeably jumped and barely managed to collect herself as he added, “The Elder of the Ishi said he left you in the hands of my father. Is it safe to assume that he has not had the opportunity to explain to you how things are?”

“Yes..” She stammered, “That is correct. Is he alright?”

While she waited for some sort of response, she glanced at the clock. It certainly had not been several hours. Barely a few minutes had passed. Whatever he intended to do, it would seem he had not started. The chance to ask him about that was dashed when he spoke, “Why do you care so much? Are you fucking him?”

“What? Nooooo!” She protested vehemently.

“Yeah, that was convincing.”

The roll of his eyes annoyed her. “I am not sleeping with him,” She stated again this time with a bit more force. Her tone calmed and body relaxed after she released the breath from her lungs, “We have not even known each other that long.”


Confusion came swiftly to Kat when she noticed the rather surprised expression upon the young man’s face. “What? Why are you looking at me like that?” She asked.

“Trying to figure out why he saved you. Your tits are not that big, you are not sleeping with him, and you just met. Did you at least give him a happy ending or something? That would make sense.”

The shocked expression upon her face must have been priceless because he chuckled rather boisterously. She wanted to smack the snot out of this kid, but it would require her to close the distance and that did not work out so well the last time. With a small growl she asked, “What type of girl do you take me for?”

“The kind my father likes,” The young man stated and then asked, “What is your name?”

She was annoyed enough that she was not certain she even wanted to answer, but the nice part of her bit back her anger and responded with, “Kat.”


“Yes, my name is….oh, I see. I am going to crawl into a hole now,” She groaned.

Embarrassed and irritated silence followed on the part of Kat while the young man simply stared at her. After a moment he shrugged his shoulders, “Whatever his reasons for saving you, you are in this now. I need a couple of hours to deal with him. Do not disturb us during that time. When I emerge, I will explain to you what is going on if you are still here.”

Bravely she asked, “What if I am not here?”

The young man had turned his back to her and stopped only long enough to say, “Then I will follow the orders of the Elder of the Ishi and kill both of you.”