Author Note: I heard from Fyachii over at tumblr. It will most likely be the last communication regarding Ameya and her future in the story. We have discussed what she would and would not allow her to be involved in and I am currently working on plot related details for Ameya and Sin.

Ameya was flitting and humming as she moved around the pastel colored kitchen. Since he had removed her from her place of work she had been in a rather dour mood. Pouting and throwing a fit, especially over that piece of junk given to her by her onii-chan.

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She protested too much and was prone to flights of fancy when it seemed romantic or adventurous. None of  which warranted concern. However, there was something that troubled him about Ameya and that was how excited she got at the hint of danger. The bad boy got her worked up, though Sin was disturbed by the prospect of why.

The humming grew louder and then an excited utterance distracted his thoughts, “This place is so nice. It is overlooking the city. Buildings as tall as the eye can see. When you said we had to leave I did not think we would end up someplace so nice, but I don’t understand why you had to kill the residents. It is wrong to hurt people,” She lectured.

“You did not seem to think so when you were trying on the clothing and accessories of the woman. Twirling enthusiastically does not really scream your displeasure with my actions, despite your words.”

Her expression was rather embarrassed and yet there was a hint of something darker reflected in her eyes, “Well it would be a shame to let it all go to waste and we did rush off so quickly….wait, why exactly did we leave like that?”

She was easily distracted, like a chipmunk with a hundred acorns to gather and so little time to do so. It also explained why she rarely brought up why he had taken her from her workplace and random moments of wondering how friends and family were doing or whether or not they had noticed she was missing.


Sin ran his fingers through his hair. Telling her was an unimportant detail at least where he was concerned. Other than forcing the two of them to depart Hero’s home, he did not expect there to be consequences he could not handle. Still, he had to tell her something.

“Why does not really matter,” He stated simply. “It was for the best and that is all you need to know.”


He could see the questions lingering in those big green eyes. He was keeping her complacent using the blood of the Sato that ran through his veins; though if he was being truthful it took little to no effort. She was not exactly resisting even when she was protesting.


“You are just like my onii-chan. He was always moody and brooding. Telling me that there were things I did not need to worry about,” She said in a light and happy tone. A bright smile adorning her features, “Isn’t it exhausting to be so unhappy all the time?”

“Does pretending something isn’t a snake, make it so?”

She shrugged her shoulders, “I think it doesn’t matter if it is a snake. It is how you react to it.”


“You are young and foolish. Saying it is how you react to it, but you have never dealt with any situation you have been involved in; not once. What you call reacting, I call running away. It is one thing to leave if it is a battle you cannot win, but you do not even try.”

“I don’t think you can judge me without knowing who I am and why I have chosen to make the decisions I have.”

“Your soul has been laid bare to me, Meinome. I know your reasons and they all center around selfishness. When a path becomes too hard, a decision too uncertain, your choice of reaction is fear and complacency. It is better to stay with a man you do not love, then fight for a man you do. This is the girl I see in the veil.”

Not unexpected his words struck a nerve and she brushed past him in a frenzy without a single word.

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