Saitama & Tequila Monsters


Saitama & Tequila Monster have appeared in all of the stories in one form or another.

The Exiled Prince –  Hero’s stage name of Saitama was mentioned by Tationy as the name of her clan. She chose that name because Saitama (Hero) is her favorite musician. Due to various mishaps from game issues and computers problems during that story what was meant to be a very specific stage name for Hero Takahashi which became the name of a clan. A clan that never existed in the canon universe.

The Exiled Prince Reloaded – Tationy arrives back to Aslann and pays a visit to her father. Who is bass guitarist for a never quite made it rock band called Tequila Monsters along with Hero Takahashi. The stagename of Saitama does not make an appearance, but the clan did.

Aslann – The Aslann story is set in historical days and I discontinued it. However, there was a scene slated to happen between Tationy and Hero where he tells her if he was not a soldier he would be a traveling musician called Saitama. She pokes fun at him and says more like an assassin in disguise and asks if he can even play an instrument.

The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel – In this story Kuro and Sadamitsu battle for a spot in Tequila Monsters and we learn that Tadayoshi was once a founding member. Again the stagename of Saitama does not appear due to the unfortunate clan that was never meant to exist.

Now that you know the wheres and hows of Saitama & Tequila Monsters. Let’s get straight to the important stuff. Some are going to be like, WHAT? Where is So and So. Let me explain.


Tequila Monsters in the Non-Canon universe has had quite a few members.

Sadamitdsu Anami – In the prequel Sadamitsu takes center stage as the guitarist for Tequila Monsters after beating out his friend Kuro for the spot. Truth is eventually he was meant to die (but I did not kill him off) and Kuro was suppose to replace him. In Reloaded he was associated with the band, but it is not mentioned he used to be a member. In the canon universe, Sadamitsu existed in the modern era and was unreliable. While he loved music he had a short attention span, prone to flights of fancy, and was unable to keep a job. He was never a member of Tequila Monsters.

Suemeli Saitama – Suemeli appears as a member of Tequila Monsters in TEP and the Prequel. She plays a number of instruments including Guitar and Piano. In several Alternate Universes I always considered her a member before any others, but the Saitama are not actually a clan. Thus, Suemeli does not exist in the canon reality.

Miroku Tylo – In reloaded and the Prequel Miroku Tylo forms Tequila Monsters with Hero. The two are lifelong best friends in alternate realities and it remains consistent across all AU stories I did. In TEP we see that Miroku is a member of Tequila Monsters behind the singer Saitama. He was the bass player in all three universes, but he was only the song writer in two taking the job away from Saitama in TEP who wrote his own songs and Toshiro Waichia who was also an accomplished lyricist. In the canon reality, Hero was impressed with the young bass player who eventually becomes his friend and tried to get him to join the band. Miroku however refused and drowned himself in the bottle and gambling. He was never a member of Tequila Monsters, despite having discussed it with Hero who was just getting his career off the ground at the time.

Muramasa Saitama – While he never makes an appearance he is mentioned as being the ego driven guitarist in the Prequel that Sadamitsu replaces. Like other Saitama he does not exist in the alternate universe.

Tadayoshi Kari – It was mentioned in the prequel that Tadayoshi was a founding member of Tequila Monsters along with Muramasa, Miroku, and Hero as their drummer. In an AU that might be okay, but in a canon that would never happen. Tadayoshi always did as was required of him and he spent little time with people outside his clan unless it was business related.

Kuro Ishi – He is seen as a member of Tequila Monsters in Reloaded and he auditions for the band in the Prequel. In both stories he plays guitar. However, in the reality canon Kuro has never played in any band. Despite, his love of music.


What about Toshiro Waichia?

I am glad you asked. Toshiro is the only member of Tequila Monsters of any importance for the canon universe. At least where the modern era is concerned. While in TEP, Reloaded, and the Prequel he has appeared as the drummer of Tequila Monsters. This kid was actually an accomplished song writer and was the only person Saitama trusted during TEP to write songs for him. He and Miroku had a bit of a role reversal between TEP and Reloaded, but Toshiro remains the only member of Tequila Monsters to actually be apart of the band in the reality canon.

During the Modern Era of the reality canon, the 16 Year old Waichia auditions for the up and coming rockstar, Saitama. He impresses him with his talent and aptitude for complex drumming. However, eventually Toshiro ages out his role and retires from Tequila Monsters.



Saitama – Hero Takahashi

Clearly we cannot talk about Saitama & Tequila Monsters without getting to know the rock star himself a bit better.

Position: Vocals / Song Writer / Guitarist
Instruments Played: Piano, Guitar, Shamisen, and numerous others.
Sounds Like: Soulful Bass – Baritone that makes you weak in the knees – Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash

Hero has been a rock star since the modern age of Aslann. Fans of the rock star speculate that there have been many different Saitama’s through the decades between the modern and future ages. Others like to believe in a little bit of supernatural; conjuring up other ideas about him such as him being a vampire. He plays up the angles and changes his appearance as centuries pass.

Feature In: Hero has been featured in all four AU Stories and currently appears in The Exiled Prince Reality.
The Exiled Prince – General Takahashi and Saitama
The Exiled Prince Reloaded – Hero Takahashi Lead Singer of Tequila Monsters
Aslann – General Hero Takahashi
The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel – Hero Takahashi Lead Singer of Tequila Monsters
The Exiled Prince Reality – Hero Takahashi / Cho Takahashi / Ziminiar / Saitama / Leader of the Takahashi

Deep to the Core Style:


Mikaela Raita

Position: Bass Guitar / Vocals
Instruments Played: Numerous including Piano, Bass Guitar
Sounds Like: Deep and fervent harmonics and melodies – Toni Braxton and Lana Del Rey

Mikaela joins Tequila Monsters after her arrival to Aslann. While out with Enzo at a Karaoke cafe she has an unexpected encounter with Sune and Rio. The four chat for a bit and then go their separate ways. She would catch the interest of Hero after he overhears Sune and Rio speaking about her. With the help of Tationy, Hero is able to hear Mikaela sing and invites her to join him in singing the female lead for a duet he wrote.

Featured In: Mikaela has been featured in two of the AU Stories and will eventually appear in The Exiled Prince Reality.
The Exiled Prince – She took on the role of Teslia Yamada, mother of Iashi of the Kari.
The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel – Girlfriend of Anjou Yamada and former schoolmate of the main cast.
The Exiled Prince Reality – Mikaela Raita friend or more to Enzo Ishi

Overpowered by Passion Style:


Shinshi “Rio” Kojima

Position: Lead Guitarist / Rhythm Guitar / Vocals
Instruments Played: Electric Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
Sounds Like: Big personality in a subtle tone – Gary Cherone

Shinshi spent his younger years traveling the world with his diplomat father. Never in one place for long he struggled to make friends and eventually gave up. Deciding it was not worth getting close to anyone. He fell in love with music at an early age and it gave him an outlet for his frustrations though sometimes his fists worked just as well. Between fights and arguing with his dad he spent a lot of hours lying about his age, playing music in “shitty” bands, and picking the pockets of tourist. One of those tourist happened to be Saitama.

Featured In: Rio has been featured in one AU Story and will eventually appear in The Exiled Prince Reality.
The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel – Rio was the brother of Anjou from the Yamada clan and former boyfriend of Mikaela.
The Exiled Prince Reality – Shinshi “Rio” Kojima is a musician and a bit of a troublemaker.

Harmony with Acoustics Style:


Sune Zenaku

Position: Drummer / Vocals
Instruments Played: Drums
Sounds Like: Oddly resonating exotic twang that can croon you right out of your skivvies – Iggy Pop

Sune has been the drummer for Saitama for the past ten years. Tequila Monsters has a revolving door; shuttling some in and then out when they reach a certain age. He is realizing he only has about five years left, before he starts to show some signs of age which would hurt the illusion of Saitama and his band being eternal.

Featured In: Sune has been featured in one AU Story and will eventually appear in The Exiled Prince Reality.
The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel – Sune was the priest brother of Tsubaki Zenaku and the drummers for the Tequila Monaster’s audition for Sadamitsu Anami, though he ended up being the drummer for Kuro Ishi instead.
The Exiled Prince Reality – Sune Zenaku is the oldest member of the band (excluding Hero of course) and is struggling with how much time he has left before he will have to retire.

Range Going Wild Style:

Mikaela X Hero

Sorry, I do not see it happening. Hero is too closely linked to Tearra / Tationy and while I do not see him ever getting with Tationy in the Reality canon it seems unlikely that I will have him do something with someone else. The only character I even remotely had him have feelings for was Miroku and in a lot of ways Miroku and Mikaela are quite similar. Probably because the core of my creative side was thrust into Miroku for the Reloaded story even though he was never meant to be anything spectacular. Despite this, I have a difficult time at this point seeing anything happening between the two. Of course, Tequila Monsters with Mikaela is a long way off and I have a lot of muses to play around with it all until then. So, we shall see what happens, but at this point it is my intent to put her with Enzo.