Kat had stayed close to Togore and watched what he was doing. She didn’t ask any questions even though he told her she could. There was a part of her that could not resolve the conflict; the questions regarding what was transpiring. Were they gods? Demons? Angels? She was questioning her faith even though she was trying desperately to reconcile what she saw with Gods will.

She had been thankful when the one called Nao arrived. He and Togore talked amicably, at least that was how it appeared from a distance. Which she kept. Still, she was thankful to him for bringing her a change of clothing and other necessities. Though she had no idea what had transpired with work, news on Ameya, or where she would go from there. Was she just to remain at the side of Bak? It was not as though she could forever.

An annoyed sigh distracted her thoughts, “What are you doing out here?”

“I just thought the two of you would want some privacy.”

Togore shrugged his shoulders, “If Nao thought that was necessary he would have simply made you deaf and blind.”

“That’s not comforting,” Kat responded.

“Putting people at ease and making them feel better is not my style,” He stated.


Kat knew that. Togore made it clear in everything he said and did. She quickly gathered her resolve, “Did he leave?”

“Of course. Nao is the Second in Command of the Ishi. He has better things to do then babysit the two of us.” Togore paused and then offered, “It will probably comfort you to know he looked in on Bak and he thinks he will live.”

“I thought you said that was not your style,” She retorted.

“Nao seemed to think it would make you feel better. So, I told you.”

“That was nice of him.”

“Don’t get all emotional over shitty sentiments. Nao will slit your throat faster than I would.”

“What a charming family you have,” She responded though it was clear she failed to bite her tongue like she had wanted to. Normally, Kat could be the nicest girl around. She had a stubborn streak, but she was always willing help others. When she was hurt though it became difficult for her not to react first and think about it later.


Togore took a step toward her and she instinctively stepped back. “Those big blue eyes and that blonde hair of yours is deceptive, but you cannot hide what you are.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” She stated as she nervously tucked her hair behind her ear while trying to decipher the look in his eyes.

He frightened her. Which was why she had not ventured to leave. Though she was still unsettled with everything that was going on. Kat expected him to say something, but she simply watched him bite into his nail in what she could only describe as a moment of pensiveness.

“Batting your eyes and tucking your hair behind your ears might work on my father, but that shit makes me want to crush you mouse.” She felt her entire body tense upon hearing his words though he dismissed his rather quickly with a shrug, “You have spent the entire time watching what I was doing and never speaking up. Is this who you are?”

“I just did not want to be in the way or disturb you,” She stated.

“Is that it?” He left the question hanging there a moment, “Someone like you is more an annoyance then a distraction. Maybe if I appreciated fat bags and a big ass, but those things have no appeal to me.”

“Why are you always so crude?”


“You are really emotional,” Togore responded. Kat was uncertain why those four little words put together felt like an insult and a slap in the face, but they did. Any chance she had to respond was halted by him adding, “My father will probably wake up soon. A few days at the most. He is not going to be particularly welcoming. I will let you deal with him and stay out of the way.”

“What … what happened between the two of you?”

Togore had a rather hard stare and Kat could not keep herself from considering what was hidden behind it. What terrible things had transpired between father and son? It was a question she had asked herself a few times, though she never once dared to speak it aloud.

“I killed the woman he loved,” Togore stated in a rather unmoved tone.

Kat could not hide her surprise as she gasped slightly and tried desperately to keep her composure, “Why … why did you?”

“Why not?” Togore responded as he turned to walk away.

Kat is the great great granddaughter of Kyo Kari.