These images were taken for two muses (including some gameplay) I have decided not to write. However, I wanted to still share them with all of you so they are added to the Ishi Family Gallery. ^_^

Quirky Faces with Kat and Bak – Togore watching them in the background. He cannot take them seriously.

Bak does not take Togore seriously either!


A Flicker of Power

No Longer Soothed

Heated Words


Kat never makes food for anyone else in the house!

Random Conversations – They get along surprisingly well for hating each other!

Bak Cooks, Togore Snacks

Dinner and Conversation – Kat is always interjecting herself into Togore and Bak’s conversations. She talks about random things and they tend to talk about cupcakes. HAHA.

Nap Time for Father and Son


I never mentioned this I think, but seeing all of the Sons of Rin were basically raised by Kuro. Many of them have his mannerism’s and habits. So, we see them do a lot of the same things with their hands for example. Sometimes, you can even catch some of them saying “oh” at the beginning of their sentences.

Despite the story outcome – I still sometimes see them as mother and son.

Random Pictures of Tationy





Tationy and Kuro