First I want to unequivocally state that I am not lacking in motivation or inspiration. I have lots of it. Also, writing is not the issue. This is in regards to something that has been pestering my mind since The Exiled Prince Reloaded and Rebooted Prequel and it has just gotten bigger and bigger.

Now I am sure some might be curious of what it might be. Does not matter. Just know that it has been bothering me for a long time and it is tainting The Exiled Prince: Reality; a story that I have wanted tell since the fiasco of The Exiled Prince and the stories that followed.

Will I continue it? At this point I am pretty frustrated over this taint that is lingering from the past. It is not effecting my writing, my motivation, or inspiration – it is simply making me hate and feel meh about everything. There have been numerous times I have thought about keeping the characters I like and just erasing the universe entirely and starting over.

So, here it is all broken down for everyone.

  1. The Exiled Prince Series including Reality are finished. That is right I have decided to end them.
  2. I will revamp the “lives” and “universe” of the characters I deem as worthy of keeping which at this point I can only tell you that Tationy and Kuro are saved.
  3. This is not a Reboot or a Revamp in the traditional sense of the words. This is a complete and utter overhaul. Most likely I will end up making a new wordpress and list this one as abandoned.
  4. For the time being – Consider The Exiled Prince: Reality as being on hiatus.
  5. I am not lacking in motivation, inspiration, or writing ability. So, you can expect at some point I will write a muse or two, but they may not have anything to do with anything in particular and will be posted here until such time as I make a decision one way or another regarding a new wordpress.
  6. The Ishi Family Galleries will continue until I get everything situated. I will post random pictures now and again on my twitter and tumblr, but the bulk of the pictures I take in Sims 2, 3, 4 will be posted here in the Ishi Family Galleries until I make the transition over to a new wordpress.

I am sure there will be people disappointed. Honestly, I do understand, but you will not sway me from this path no matter how heartfelt your words might be. Know that you all are the only reasons I have not burned the entire universe with fire already. ^_^ Your support has meant a lot.

The series has really taken on a life of its own. One I never intended. Sometimes that is a good and bad thing. There are moments I love and a lot more that I hate. There was never meant to be a world outside of Aslann. There was never meant to be time travel. There was never meant to be the Kari. We were never meant to see Emperor Miroku – ever. There is so much that has changed and while it has been a great run, sometimes fun, most of the time irritating. I feel that for me to continue writing with these characters, things have to change.

I think the story and the muses for The Exiled Prince: Reality have turned out really well, but my vision and heart for this story always starts with the historical story and I feel really frustrated that The Exiled Prince and the subsequent stories have fallen short of what I was trying to tell.

This is why I have made this decision. The frustration from The Exiled Prince and then the taint that arrived during The Exiled Prince Reloaded and Rebooted Prequel have sharply reminded me that what I wanted to tell is not even close to what is being told. The Exiled Prince: Reality has already had huge changes and they sharply reminded me of what happened with The Exiled Prince. Additionally, it is bringing up old stuff from the days when Tationy was created and was part of my comic book universe city of Sokamya.

It is time – I need to make these changes so that I can continue on with these characters. If I do not do this now, I will most likely abandoned the entire universe of Aslann all together which I have done before with Sokamya City.

Anyway, long story short. This is the path I have taken on this matter. I hope when I have everything situated those of you still reading, will be ready for a new adventure. Thank you always for your support.