Below are my old stories. I am currently working on Unbridled.


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The Exiled Prince Series

The Exiled Prince series is done. As in I am moving on to something different with the characters that I like. It has been a good run. I have been writing this series of stories since 2010 (started at blogger / moved to wordpress in 2012), but I have invested plenty of years in them before I started sharing them as sims stories. There have been a lot of ups and down. So, very many with game issues, computer issues, frustration over things not working out as I had wanted, but in the end I have produced quite a body of work that I am proud of – for the most part.

Below you will find each story listed. A little about it. Not to mention links to where you can read them, any deleted chapters I posted, as well as any muses written for them.

Reading Order: These are designed to be read in any order because they are all stand alone and things change slightly with each alternate reality story.


The Exiled Prince

The Exiled Prince: Prologue and 32 Chapters / Completed

An unexpected detour ports a young Tationy Tylo through time and straight into the heart of the political strife of historical Aslann.


The Exiled Prince Reloaded

The Exiled Prince Reloaded – 32 Chapters and 3 Prologues / Completed

Based upon the adventures of The Exiled Prince, Tationy Tylo takes on a “what if” adventure in the modern age. Having not been ported through time her life takes unexpected turns that lead her down a path with a very dangerous man, Hiko Kari.



Aslann – 7 Prologues and 2 Chapters / Discontinued

Based upon the adventures of The Exiled Prince. The Gods reset the world. What does this mean for Tationy Tylo in historical Aslann?


The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel

The Exiled Prince Rebooted Prequel – 40 Chapters / Part 1 of 5 – Completed / Discontinued

A modern day adventure with the cast of The Exiled Prince. Tationy Tylo meets up with Hiko Kari at Sofore Academy and works to guide the young man to his fateful position of ‘King of the Kari’.

Muses for TEP Rebooted Prequel:


The Exiled Prince Reality

The Exiled Prince Reality – Prologue and 5 Chapters / Discontinued

The Future Age has begun and war is upon the cast of The Exiled Prince. Tationy has done what she could to hold the final battle, but now her hands are tied. Forced to seek out an old ally who would rather focus on their complicated relationship than the war he cares nothing about.

Muses for TEP Reality: