It has been a very long journey for me. I started out over at blogger working on The Exiled Prince Series. Traveled from there to Deviant Art and eventually landed on WordPress. It has been a great experience writing it, but as I mentioned previously it is time to move on. What is next?


Currently a working title, but knowing me I will keep it because I suck at naming things. I will focus on families over reincarnation and gods. We will see the story of Tationy in the modern age. From her unexpected beginnings, her journey with the Kari, and maybe just maybe her future with the Ishi. Not to mention we will learn about the four Generations of Aslann that united together to bring some peace and cooperation among the clans. Hopefully, it sounds as interesting to all of you as it does me and those of you who have stuck with me through thick and thin will join me on a new adventure.

Generations will be posted at my new wordpress. Do not be shy to stop in and follow if you would like to keep up with the adventures of Aslann:

As for the statues of this blog, well it is closed. I will be leaving it up as well as my other wordpress, but it will no longer be updated. It will officially be considered closed. I will continue to respond to comments that are left on post here. Not to mention stories and downloads will remain active. I am making this move because I have run out of space after five plus years of being at wordpress and I cannot see spending a bunch of money when I can just create a fresh atmosphere in the form of a new blog. I hope you all will join me there.

Finally, I thank you all for the support you have given me through these five years plus. The comments, the likes, and the questions have been enjoyable. I am humbled and honored that so many of you have taken the time to journey through The Exiled Prince series with me. *hugs* You are all wonderful and I hope to see you all at my new wordpress.

Thank you,